Amigurumi Crochet Dolls – Fantastic Patterns

Hello everybody! Do you want to learn a new pattern, a new amigurumi model? So you are in the right place. Here, at Crafts Ideas, you will always find new ideas, one more beautiful than the other. We hope that all of them can inspire you to continue creating such beautiful pieces. Do you already sell your parts? Do you think about doing this?

Here it all started as a hobby and, little by little, friends started making orders and I liked that life. Crocheting is therapy and it’s important to keep it that way even with deadlines. Don’t get carried away by stress and demand, crochet with love and this is reflected in your pieces. Thinking about decorative items, Amigurumi Crochet Dolls are here to stay.

Crochet dolls are great for many reasons. For example, models and types are many and making them is a good pastime. Amigurumi dolls have been common since the invention of crochet, but lately they have become a trend due to the popularization of the technique. This type of toy has a special place in our childhood, after all, what would our make-believe games be without dolls?


In addition to being an alternative for those who want to present a child with something different, they are the opportunity for artisans to guarantee an extra income with a handmade product. Therefore, the doll is a piece that, regardless of the season, is always in high demand and becomes easy to sell. It’s almost a consensus that the more references you have, the better your creativity becomes when making crafts.

Amigurumi Crochet Dolls 

In this way, nothing better than exercising your imagination even more. Here we have, in addition to dolls, characters that are also very successful. The princesses are unanimous and are often part of the decoration of the little ones’ room. As they are pieces with a lot of details, I always recommend that you keep the same size as described in the pattern.


The smaller it is, the more difficult it is to add all the details. But following the step by step, there will be no doubts. If even so, after reading the pattern, there are still any doubts, know that you can count on us here in the comments. Come learn more about these beautiful patterns together with us.

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