Crochet Blouse Pattern

Hey sweeties! How is everything there? I hope to find everyone well, excited to have a productive year together with us. If ideas, new patterns, different techniques, beautiful crafts is what you need, you are in the right place.

This is our space and doing this makes us very happy. To continue the projects, come and learn how to make Crochet Blouse. This is one of the most elegant models we’ve ever brought.

All are beautiful, each with a different detail. But this blouse is pure elegance. From the color chosen to the stitches used.

Together with a good technique and a well-made crochet, the result couldn’t be different.

It’s a perfect piece for that cooler day, an open-air dinner. If there’s one thing I don’t do, it’s put a coat over that blouse.

There are so many beautiful details that I want everything to show.

A well-made collar, cuffs and edges with different stitches, the more you look at it, the more enchanted it becomes.

But you can use it any way you like too, be sure it will be very elegant. In this pattern, the instructions are passed by graph. If you are still not very familiar with this type of step by step, talk to us and pass on your doubts. Don’t make this an obstacle to not crocheting, come and we’ll help you.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Style Bleu

This blouse is not very thick, so the chosen yarn cannot be either. Yarns that are not too thick make these details stand out. As I don’t know the brands that you find in your region, it is difficult to indicate any.

The store attendants can help you with that too. With practice you will see how this becomes simpler and more automatic.

This blouse can be a beautiful gift for a special friend.

Manual gifts have their value, they carry a lot of affection and dedication, indicating how much you like that person.

Some details must be remembered when washing such a garment.

Crocheting is a durable craft, but it is still manual. Therefore, try not to use hot water or chlorine bleach.

Preferably wash these clothes by hand and separate from other pieces.

Let’s go to the coolest part, crocheting? Come see the crochet blouse pattern available in Style Bleu.