Panda Snuggles baby blanket

Learn how to crochet the Panda Snuggles pattern for a cozy baby blanket

Crochet is a popular form of craft that allows you to create a wide variety of items, from clothing and accessories to home decor items. Among the most adorable crochet projects are baby blankets, which can be made in a multitude of styles and patterns to provide comfort and warmth to little ones. One crochet pattern that has been gaining prominence is “Panda Snuggles”, an adorable panda-themed baby blanket that is perfect for gifting or using for your own baby. In this article, we are going to explain how to crochet the Panda Snuggles pattern to create a cute and cozy baby blanket.

Necessary materials:

Wool yarn in black and white colors (or your favorite colors to create a pattern variation)
Crochet hook size suitable for chosen yarn
Tapestry needle for sewing pieces together

Step 1: Choosing the yarn and needle

To make the Panda Snuggles baby blanket, you will need wool yarn in black and white, or in your favorite colors to create a variation on the pattern. Be sure to choose soft and durable yarn suitable for baby’s sensitive skin. In addition, you will need a crochet hook of the appropriate size for the chosen yarn. Check yarn label for needle size recommendations and swatch test to ensure stitch tension is correct.

Step 2: Starting the pattern

To start the Panda Snuggles baby blanket pattern, chain 121 stitches with black yarn (or the color chosen for the panda’s body). Then make 3 more chains to turn and start the first row of double crochets. Make a double crochet in each stitch of the base chain, totaling 120 double crochets at the end of the row. Turn the work and make 3 more chains.

Step 3: Creating the panda’s body

Now it’s time to create the panda’s body. Do 12 rows of double crochets in each color to create the body of the blanket. At the end of the last row of double crochets, cut the black yarn and secure it, leaving a tail to hide later. Then take the white yarn (or the color chosen for the panda’s belly) and make 12 more rows of double crochets, working only on the bottom part of the panda’s body to create the belly. Cut the white yarn and secure it, also leaving a tail to hide later.

Step 4: Making the head and ears

To make the panda’s head, go back to the beginning of the blanket and in the last row of double crochets on the black body part, make an increase in each corner to create a curve for the head. Then work a few rows of double crochets into just the middle part of that curve to form the panda’s head. Make as many rows as necessary until you reach the desired size for the head of the blanket.

To make the panda’s ears, you’ll need to work on two separate pieces. Start by making a chain of 9 stitches with the black thread, then make 3 double crochets in each stitch of the chain, returning to the starting point. Then make 2 double crochets in each stitch on the previous row, making a total of 18 double crochets. Make a few rows of double crochets on this piece to create the base of the ear. Then switch to white yarn and make a few rows of white double crochets to form the inside of the ear.

Repeat the process to make the second ear. Then place the ears on the panda’s head and secure them with crochet stitches or sew with a tapestry needle, leaving space for the eyes.

Step 5: Adding the details of the panda’s face

To create the eyes, use black yarn to crochet two small balls, or you can choose to use amigurumi safety eyes if you prefer. Position the eyes in the space left between the ears and secure with crochet stitches or sew them in place.

Then use black thread to embroider the panda’s nose and mouth. You can use crochet stitches or embroidery stitches to create the face details. If you prefer, you can also use a button or felt inserts for the panda’s nose.

Step 6: Finishing the blanket

Now it’s time to finish the blanket. With the black yarn, make a border of single crochets all around the blanket, making a single crochet in each stitch around. This will help to give the piece a more beautiful finish and firmness.

Then make one last row of single crochets all the way around the blanket using the white yarn (or the color chosen for the panda’s belly) to create a contrasting border.

After finishing the border, hide any tails of yarn that were left loose throughout the project using a tapestry needle.

If you wish, you can block the Panda Snuggles Baby Blanket by gently stretching it and pinning it to a flat location until it is completely dry. This will help ensure that the blanket is evenly shaped and well-finished.

And ready! You’ve created your own crocheted Panda Snuggles baby blanket! Rest assured your baby will be snuggled.