6-Day Kid Blanket – Crochet Patterns

Hey everyone! Good to see you here once again. We really like being able to come here and share beautiful pieces that inspire you and encourage you to make beautiful crafts. Here at Crafts Ideas we try to meet all your requests, so don’t forget to comment what you want to learn. For now, let’s learn a new crochet pattern. The 6-Day Kid Blanket, a crochet model that is very successful in any environment.

Whether just for decoration or for warmth, this blanket model is fun and fluffy, a must-have in every home. Do you seek to know more about the technique you are practicing? I always found it very interesting to know the history behind what we do. Crocheting is the process of creating fabric using a crochet hook and some continuous thread.

Usually wool, cotton thread, silk, but wire, twine or other innovative material can also be used. The term crochet comes from French vocabulary and means hook. The word refers to the characteristic shape of the needle point that is used to pull the threads. And this miracle hook helps us to make the most beautiful pieces, doesn’t it? The origin of this craft is somewhat contradictory.

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6-Day Kid Blanket – 1001 Patterns

There are theories of the emergence of the technique in Europe, China, the Middle East and even South America! Crochet became widespread in Europe in the 18th century, with the creation of patterns that could be copied and the publication of books and magazines with graphics. But it was in the 60s and 70s that crochet took off as a form of artistic expression, with the most diverse articles of clothing and decoration.

Currently, crochet has conquered homes and catwalks and it is impossible not to be enchanted by each creation. And crochet can also be a source of income. There are those who use handicrafts to earn a little extra money and also those who dedicate themselves full time to needles and yarn.

   SEE ALSO FREE PATTERN: Crochet Blocks and Blankets

The fact is that crochet is on the rise and is the perfect opportunity to brighten your pocket. Now that you know all of that, fluffy blankets are absolutely stunning. What’s more, they’ll keep your baby warm and comfortable. Choose your favorite and start crocheting today!