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Crochet is a wonderful and super versatile technique. More and more we see modern pieces being made with this technique that is already quite old. Today we find everything from decorative items, rugs, mobiles, garlands, to clothing, accessories and amigurumis. Much of this versatility comes from the number of different stitches that we can do with the same material, yarn and crochet hook.

Some are simpler, others more laborious, but all of them are possible if we dedicate ourselves and practice. Today we are not going to learn an outfit itself, but a stitch that you can use in the most varied patterns. Crochet Heart Stitch, as the name implies, is a stitch that refers to the design of hearts. Very delicate and with a lot of charm, all the pieces are a little more romantic with this touch.

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Crochet Heart Stitch – 1001 Patterns

And don’t think that we only have one stitch like this, there are several ideas. Some have more texture, leave the heart with relief. Perfect for making blankets, pillows. The famous granny squares can also win a beautiful colored heart in the middle. Then it’s just a matter of assembling the way we already know and forming beautiful pieces.

   See also Free Pattern: Giant Granny Squares

Ready to learn? Come see all the ideas we brought here for you. It’s worth remembering that, after you learn how to do it, you can adapt pieces you’ve already made, create new ones. Go ahead and use all your creativity. Make different combinations, see how yarn behaves and if you like the result. Anything, just dismantle and try again. Giving up is not an option. If you have any doubts, tell us here in the comments. We also want to know your opinion and what you want to learn.